Content Creator's Guide

Video guidelines

Filming instructional videos is an art and a science, but here are a few tips to make sure your students always get the best from your classes.

  • Always make sure your viewers can see your full body in the frame when demonstrating. When setting up your camera, record a little test to check your frame. Note, if you can mirror your movement that would be helpful. If not, no worries we'll do that in the edit for you.

  • Audio can be challenging. Recording in a quiet space that you can control really helps. If you are filming from your phone, you'll need another device to play your music. Also, try and make sure your speaker isn't next to your microphone, as when talking over the music it'll become tricky to hear.

Once you've figured out your set-up it'll get a lot easier. It'll take some time to find what works for you, and we're here to help you get there quicker.

Please make sure you film in landscape rather than portrait mode, (the same way as if you were watching a video on YouTube on Netflix,) our platform is designed to work across both mobile and desktop and will resize your video wherever it's being viewed.

All videos on the platform should be high resolution - a minimum HD 720p, we do support everything including 4K upload. But remember you're going to have to send us the files, so unless you have a fibre broadband network, shooting at 1080p 30fps would be advised, otherwise, it may take a good long while to upload.

Uploading to 'move Home Studio'

We have created a really easy file share process, just click onto This will send your files directly to our inbox to review.

From here once we've approved your content, we will upload it to the platform for you. If there are any amendments needed in the edit, we'll jump on and try our best to help, if we feel you need to re-record anything we'll let you know as quickly as we can.

Once we've worked out the kinks and added the 'move' branding to your class we will give you the heads up and set the date to go-live on the site.

Information to send

For each video you create, we will require a title, a short teaser description and if using music - a note of which tracks you're teaching to. These can be sent via. WhatsApp to the Content Creator's number as found below.

We will also require a biography, links to any social media channels you'd like to promote and a short quote on what people can expect from your channel.

Your channel

This is your space, you can choose how to populate it. There are three ways for viewers to watch your class, and you can choose whether to use them or not.

  • Rent - your class will be available to stream for 72hrs.

  • Purchase - viewers can buy unlimited streams of your class.

  • Subscribe - monthly payments for unlimited streams of all your classes.

We have set guide prices for each of these methods of viewing, but it's your decision on whether to follow these. There's also huge value in providing free content and we encourage all of our creators to provide at least one taster video to introduce yourself to the 'move' community.

As a quick note - we have learnt through research that fitness videos between 8-15 minutes are well received when renting or purchasing. Of course, this may vary, especially with dance-based content. Feel free to get in touch and we'll offer some feedback as to how best your content can sit on the platform.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be taking any commission from your sales. You will, however, incur a payment processing fee charged from our providers of 1.9% + 20p per payment. For example, if you are charging £5.00 for a class rental, you will receive £4.70.


Achieve 500 views on a £2.50 rental and you will be paid £1126.50.


Every Monday, we will email you a statement outlining the previous week's numbers and statistics, as well as the payment you are due to receive. Your payment will then be processed by Monday the following week.


We don't want any. Go for it! We just hope to convince you that spending your time with 'move Home Studio' is worth the commitment. 

Contact us

We have created a business WhatsApp account dedicated to our content creators, please follow the link below to open the chat.


We're available from 9.00 am - 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Here you'll be able to ask any questions, comments or concerns you may have, as well as send us any files/text we have requested.


We'll also notify you of your payment dates through this channel, so make sure you start that chat!