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Max Rogers

15 years as one of the World’s leading models covering magazines such as GQ, Style and Italian Vogue, has meant that staying in shape has always been Max’s business. After 10 years in the fashion industry, he now recognises that “fitness should be about what your body can do, rather than what it looks like."


Max has developed a training method and philosophy recognising the link between the mental health issues surrounding body image and the unrealistic and sometimes unhealthy aesthetic people are aiming towards.


‘Pilates with Max’ uses his learnings as a student of callisthenics, mastering moves such as the human flag, crucifix, front lever, handstand, L-SIT - encouraging a philosophy of healthy body balance, strength, mobility and functionality, with his training as a professional Pilates instructor.


Max’s method has been tried and tested across all levels of fitness and experience, with his students ranging from premier footballers and professional dancers, to fitness novices and perhaps most notably helping his wife, fellow move Creator Kimberly Wyatt, fully recover from child-birth to take the stage on The X Factor in just 8 weeks. A feat that some would call a miracle.

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